Toronto lilacs are nice but...

Fragrant snowballs rock!

Closeup of white Fragrant Snowball Viburnum x carlcephalum flower in bloom by garden muses: a Toronto gardening blog
Detail of a Fragrant Snowball (Viburnum x carlcephalum) bloom
When we started planning our garden circa 1993, admittedly my wife and I knew very little in terms of plant selection. I suppose, like many other new homeowners, we were preoccupied by little distractions like a leaky roof and an ugly kitchen. The backyard was literally a junkpile! But we knew that we "needed" a plant that would give off a nice scent when we imagined ourselves relaxing on an imaginary deck some time in the distant feature. 


When plants come with warning labels

Buyer beware at a Toronto garden center

Maybe this is a start of new trend among garden plant retailers but I saw this notice at a big box store recently (actual location cropped to protect the innocent, me!):

no warranty sign on plants at big box store paul jung toronto ecological organic gardening services
Yer pays yer money and takes yer chances!


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