March 20, 2012

Summer in Toronto

Toronto gardens off to an early start this year

Oh, it's the first day of spring?

This is getting ridiculous! 

Today we reached 21 degrees Celsius or about 70 degrees Fahrenheit in Toronto, even warmer tomorrow. You just know that we'll be punished with one more hard frost! But this won't stop us from enjoying the earlier-than-expected blooms. I just can't get rid of this nagging feeling that those bursting magnolia blooms will be zapped!

dwarf iris Iris reticulata spring blooms by garden muses: a Toronto gardening blog
Iris reticulata nestled among moss phlox. 

Saw these really cute dwarf irises blooming their pretty heads off among some moss phlox. I much prefer these little guys compared to their bearded big brothers who are susceptible to borers.

Campanula garganica Dickson's Gold Italian bellflower by garden muses: a Toronto gardening blog
Campanula garganica "Dickson's Gold" (Italian Bellflower) 

At a client's house today for a spring garden cleanup and wanted to show you this perennial you might consider to brighten up a container or a spot in your garden. This bellflower has lavender-blue flowers, creeps slowly and suitable for the front of the border. That chartreuse is a winner in my book!

Emerging bleeding heart Dicentra spectabilis shoots by garden muses: a Toronto gardening blog
Dicentra spectabilis (good ol' fashioned bleeding heart) 

Common as nails but emerging leaves and stems provide plum colour when the perennial bed is still quiet. Take home point: even emerging foliage has ornamental value.

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