April 24, 2013

Toronto spring cleanup yields hellebore love

Spring 2013: it's finally here (I think)

Sorry for not posting lately but I've been busy doing spring garden cleanups for new and old clients for the past several weeks. Temperatures are finally increasing so that it feels like spring in Toronto, although not as warm as last year. 

I took the following pictures after cleaning up last autumn's debris from a client's backyard the other day. Maybe you'll feel inspired to plunk down some bucks for a few hellebores in your garden after viewing this post?

The new varieties of H. hybridus under the "Winter Jewels" and "Gold Collection" trademarks are so nice!

The "hot" hellebore this spring is "Ivory Prince",  it was all over the place at Canada Blooms last month.

"Pink Frost" Hellebore spring blooms by garden muses: a Toronto gardening blog
"Pink Frost" Hellebore

April 06, 2013

Allan Gardens Conservatory Easter Flower Show 2013: part two

You want hydrangeas? I'll give you hydrangeas!

Allan Gardens Conservatory Easter Flower Show pink blue hydrangeas by garden muses: a Toronto gardening blog

Easter has come and gone but there's still a chance to take in some nice colour in a city currently awash in brown. During my last visit to the Allan Gardens Conservatory Easter Flower Show, most of the hydrangeas were still not fully opened so I came back and took some better pictures.

I prefer the lacecap varieties over the big mophead types (more subtle and I like plants blooming on the horizontal plane.) Some of my clients receive these hydrangeas for Easter and then plunk them in the ground outside after the blooms fade. I'm surprised that some of them overwinter successfully but they never thrive and flower as much as the "real" Hydrangea macrophyllas.

I hope you enjoy these big balls of colour!