June 11, 2013

A non-gardening Lake Muskoka weekend

What does this post have to do with Toronto gardening? 

Not much but this gardener needed some serious rest and relaxation after working almost non-stop this spring. Now, many of you readers would likely prefer sticking a hot poker in your eye over the finer sport of angling. That's ok, we all have different interests besides plants and gardens. My wife is a golf PHREAK and knows better to ask me to join her over 18 holes. Not that I hate golf but inevitably I would hold up play by trying to identify this tree or that shrub.

So it was with great anticipation that we left Toronto this past weekend to my sister and brother-in-law's cottage near Gravenhurst, ON for a few days. Here are some pictures taken at dawn (you can enjoy them without being tormented by the mosquitoes!):

Lake Muskoka summer morning by garden muses: a Toronto gardening blog
A typical beautiful Muskoka summer morning

Summer morning Lake Muskoka by garden muses: a Toronto gardening blog
My favourite fishing spot just to the right, shh!

You can compare the summer pictures near the dock to the autumn colours here in a previous post titled "Down by the Muskoka lakeside"

I caught a few smallmouth bass (all catch and release until the end of the month for this area) but the bite wasn't really on since they (the fish) are in spawning mode and not interested in feeding.

Here's a small...smallmouth bass fooled somehow by a plastic worm:

Lake Muskoka smallmouth bass by garden muses: a Toronto gardening blog
Don't worry, he/she was released immediately afterwards!

Thanks for indulging me by reading this non-gardening post. I've been so busy since April that the last thing I want to post about is a garden!

Just kidding.....

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