June 17, 2014

Peonies Envy at the Toronto Botanical Garden

Bigger is better

When it comes to peonies, there's no point being subtle. You want big and heavy flowers for those two magical weeks of the year (the leaves and woody stems aren't exactly ornamental.) 

The timing was right for me and my lovely family to visit the Toronto Botanical Garden on Father's Day for an impromptu picnic. The weather was fabulous and the peonies were in full force when I took these pictures. 

Love them or hate them, the gaudy blooms can't be ignored. And when the flowers disintegrate, they'll be a fleeting memory.

I'm envious of those who have the full sun and space to grow peonies. My backyard is way too shady for their liking and, anyway, I don't want to bother with hoops and stakes. Better to admire them without any of the care!

Paeonia Kopper Kettle Hybrid Itoh Peony Toronto Botanical Garden by garden muses-not another Toronto gardening blog
Paeonia "Kopper Kettle" Hybrid Itoh Peony
 Toronto Botanical Garden 

June 13, 2014

June blooms in Toronto

June blooms in Toronto 

More sights from various gardens I've visited during my work hours so far this month. Summer is upon us with the past cruel winter a distant memory.

Some of these flowers you'll likely recognize immediately, others maybe will take a while to recollect. I'm fortunate to come across a wide range of perennials, shrubs and trees everyday. 

If I can only remember to bring my camera!

Anemone sylvestris Snowdrop windflower by garden muses-not another Toronto gardening blog
Anemone sylvestris 
(Snowdrop windflower)

June 04, 2014

In love with my doublefile viburnums!

Lilacs vs. doublefile viburnums

Not really a fair contest for me. I actually like the scent and bloom colours of lilacs but they (lilacs) are two week wonders. What do you have after the flowers turn brown? Yes, you get a green blob for the rest of the summer, culminating with a boring yellow autumn "show" which really isn't. Still, customers are buying lilacs like toilet paper on sale (selling anything flowering is child's play it seems) so what do I know?

And yet...

Viburnum plicatum Popcorn doublefile viburnum by garden muses-not another Toronto gardening blog
Viburnum plicatum "Popcorn"
("Popcorn" doublefile viburnum) 

June 01, 2014

Blooms around Toronto

Spring blooms May 2014 around Toronto 

Working as a gardener has its benefits, blog-wise. I'm able to show readers pictures of plants found in other gardens that I can't grow in mine!

May is always a crazy time for me but I was able to take the following as just a sample of what's blooming across the city.

Pink fringed tulip by garden muses-not another Toronto gardening blog
Pink fringed tulip

Allium  Globemaster by garden muses-not another Toronto gardening blog
Allium  "Globemaster"