March 29, 2015

"Garden muses" turns four!

Baby, you're a big girl now!

Every March 29, I get kind of emotional. This blog that you're reading gets another year older, smarter and sassier (unlike the author who's simply getting older.) Like most parents  (indulge me while I anthropomorphize), I didn't know what the future held for my creation for the first few years--whether she would survive, what her personality would be, how long it would take her to be diaper-trained, etc.

Fourth birthday lemon loaf by garden muses-not another Toronto gardening blog
Sorry, a lemon-poppy seed mini loaf
from the freezer will have to do 

 "Garden muses" is doing fine. As my real kids will attest to, my parenting skills comprise of Chinese-style nagging and benign neglect. I'm a classic Panda dad, which doesn't always play well with my better half, a Tiger.... Yet, the blog grows a bit every day ( with every post?) and I have to thank you, the reader, for providing the incentive, motivation and psychic compost for me to write.

Believe it or not, I do get compliments occasionally.  This number is less than the spam requests from recently-found relatives in Nigeria asking for financial aid, but a few nice readers have taken the time to write. Here's what Patricia from somewhere in the U.S. Pacific North West wrote recently:

(Note: for all you skeptics out there, you'll have to trust me that "Patricia" really does exist!)

Hi Paul -- I share your enthusiasm for plants and gardening...I haven't read any of your fellow garden bloggers but I can't think any are more fun and interesting than yours. I have forwarded some of yours to my former sister-in-law who lives in Alaska. She enjoys your photos. You must be a well kept secret. Keep up the good work. I appreciate receiving your muses.

Now, if a reader in Alaska can find value and entertainment in my posts, I'm doing something very right or very wrong!

Again, I appreciate you taking the time and effort to read my posts.  And, as I promise on every birthday, I'll do my best not to write about vegetable growing.


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