March 29, 2016

"Garden Muses" turns 5!

Happy birthday to my blog!

Garden muses-not another Toronto gardening blog fifth anniversary picture of Japanese cheesecake slice.jpg
Yummy Japanese cheesecake!

It's hard to believe that it's been five years since I started this blog. For all my readers, old and new, I want to thank you again for spending your time and attention reading my "muses" about life in and out of the garden since 2011. I'm relatively late to the game, as far as garden blogging goes, but better late than never. Readers who've been with me for a few years know what not to expect: posts on urban farming, vegetable growing, permaculture, sowing tomato seeds, etc.I just find such topics too utilitarian. I'll show pictures of pretty flowers all day instead.

I will also continue to post about the various garden cleanup jobs and new garden installations I've completed through my company. If you're not interested (and I can't blame you; who wants to see weeds?), then just ignore these discussions. I post "before" and "after" pictures and commentary because a) these help potential clients find me via online search and b) there may be some useful design or maintenance "nuggets of wisdom" for you to take home. I try to entertain at the very least.

If you're familiar with my "birthday posts," you may remember that I usually show a piece of pastry with a candle on top to celebrate things. This year's "birthday cake" slice is actually not cake but a piece of Japanese cheesecake. I'd describe the texture and flavour as fluffy and "cake-y" cheesecake, not as sweet, dense or "cheesey" as New York cheesecake. I had to wait five years for a slice but it was worth it!

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