What to expect

A Toronto gardener muses about green things

Working and travelling across the city and beyond, I see some strange, beautiful and occasionally strangely beautiful things and I'll muse about them. I'll try to have a gardening or landscaping theme tied to my posts but I can't guarantee that you'll see the connection so be forewarned!

Writing comes easily for me so when I'm not weeding or pruning for my clients for a living via my small Toronto organic and ecological gardening company, Paul Jung Gardening Services Inc., I like to think and muse out aloud about:
  • landscape and garden design
  • horticulture 
  • landscape architecture 
  • the gardening business 
  • ornamental plants I've seen here in Toronto and elsewhere
  • botany 
  • and sometimes topics completely unrelated to gardening 
You'll see many "work-related" posts like "before and after" pictures of garden cleanups, re-designs and  makeovers I've done as well. They aren't earth-shattering but help, indirectly, to pay the bills. If you're not interested in them, please ignore them. I promise not to be offended!

And, lastly, thank you for visiting and giving me some of your time and attention.

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